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What are Distressed Homes?

Distressed homes can be many things - these homes for sale may be repossessed and may be offered by lenders or by the government in order to cover defaulted loans. They may be remaindered houses in a new building lot. These repo homes may simply be fixer uppers or may be tax properties, being sold for the arrears of the previous property owner's unpaid taxes. The bottom line: these real estate homes need to be sold fast and that means big savings to you.

Distressed Homes

Distressed homes can be a great buying opportunity, but many people mistakenly assume that there is always something wrong with distressed real estate. This is simply not the case. These houses simply need to be sold fast - the property owner or seller may need cash fast, for example. In some cases, the seller is already losing money on managing the property and just wants to get rid of the house - even if that means selling cheap. In some cases, these properties may not show well - they may need a good cleaning and a good coat of paint. Since they do not show well, no one is really interested and not much effort is put into selling the distressed homes. With no real estate agent aggressively promoting the house, as well, there may simply not be much interest in what is otherwise a very desirable house in a good location.

Of course, some repossessed homes, houses for sale, and properties are neglected or have other liabilities. You need to research carefully to find houses that are priced low but which offer good equity and good value in a desirable neighbourhood. One excellent way to research and find great properties is through, a premiere homes real estate listings service. lists all sorts of distressed homes for sale, right across the country, making it easy for you to find what you want.

Distressed Foreclosure Homes

Repossessed houses offer you lots of choice, instant equity, and great prices that save you money up front and over your mortgage term. With these houses, you can end up spending less than you pay in rent - and you may be able to get out of debt faster. Plus, these properties allow you to move in quickly and allow you to enjoy quality homes in great neighborhoods. With all the benefits of the traditional real estate market, but without the drawback of high prices, these repo houses just make sense.

There are lots of ways that can help you move in faster - and for less. At, we believe that our team is our secret to success. That's why we hire professionals who really know the market. Our friendly, helpful staff works with customers just like you to help in every way we can. We are always available to help you. Plus, our staff works tirelessly to unearth the best repo properties - properties that you may not hear about otherwise. We even offer lots of resources so that you can be on track when it is time to buy. If you want to buy smart - without sinking yourself financially - turn to We can help.

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