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Foreclosure Short Sales

If there are foreclosures, there is also what we call as foreclosure short sales. This is because they are expected to be much lower than their actual market value. Thus, if you're going to buy foreclosure short sales, you can definitely look forward to great discounts.

All about Foreclosure Short Sales

These are called pre-foreclosed properties. Home owners will know if they are falling behind with their mortgage repayments or not. If they go on default, their home will be seized by the lender, so it can be sold and the lender can collect the debt. A foreclosure will damage not only hurt the family but also the credit rating. Thus, to prevent that, a home owner will offer his house as a short sale. This means that he lender has to accept the home at a value much lower than what the home owner owes him or her. That way, he or she can still pay a good portion of his or her debt.

The lender, if he or she agrees, then proceeds to sell the property through a foreclosure home auction. In a foreclosure home auction, the home will be awarded to the highest bidder.

Be Prepared for a Foreclosure Home Auction

If foreclosure short sales what you want, then you should be completely prepared before the actual auction date. has a growing database of repossessed homes; most of them are currently sold through an auction. In every property, you will see how much the property is being sold, its location, and its condition. You are also provided with details on the auction date and location. You can access our foreclosure listing for foreclosure short sales by registering in our 7-day trial. This is free of charge. From there, you can choose to continuously subscribe or not. We have our customer support staff available if you have any question about our website.

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