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Clay County Foreclosure Auctions

You're about to find fantastic deals on cheap properties at Clay county foreclosure auctions. Why pay full price when we can show you how to buy exactly what you want for up to 50% less than current market prices. Our listing of Clay county home foreclosure auctions make it easy for you to find all types of homes for sale, including REO, HUD homes, and more. This is an investment you won't want to miss. Click below to start your search today and find your perfect property at home auctions in Clay county!

Featured Clay County Foreclosure Home Auctions

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Listings: 6 Properties
# Photo Zip Code City Type Street Bed/Bath Price Details
1 Foreclosed Home in Spencer 51301 510 4TH AVE W - Property ID: 430175310 51301 Spencer Foreclosure 4th Ave W 4/2.5 - Details
2 No photo available 51047 Peterson Foreclosure E 4th St 4/1 - Details
3 Foreclosed Home in Spencer 51301 821 2ND AVE E - Property ID: 42448061 51301 Spencer Foreclosure 2nd Ave E 3/3 $14,900 Details
4 Foreclosed Home in Spencer 51301 200 W 1ST ST - Property ID: 42302401 51301 Spencer Foreclosure W 1st St 3/2 $32,500 Details
5 Foreclosed Home in Everly 51338 204 S WASHINGTON ST - Property ID: 42011648 51338 Everly Foreclosure S Washington St 3/2 $59,000 Details
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6 Foreclosed Home in Spencer 51301 721 E 8TH ST - Property ID: 41336198 51301 Spencer Foreclosure E 8th St 3/2 $85,000 Details

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