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What is Pre Foreclosure?

Pre Foreclosure

Pre foreclosure homes are properties which have not yet legally been taken over by a bank - but which are at risk. Usually, a property is in this stage once the property owner has fallen behind in payments and the lender has started sending notices of impending legal foreclosure auction. The owner risks losing their home, but in many cases simply cannot afford to pay the arrears on the mortgage and keep paying the loan. If the owner does nothing, the property will be repossessed, but buyers and investors can help the owner by buying the property. Since the owner wants to sell fast, this can be a truly win-win situation, in which the owner gets to save their credit and get some cash while the buyer gets to buy a good property at discount.

Pre foreclosure purchases are not always simple, although the payoff in terms of savings can be huge. The main two problems are:

  1. You need to be able to negotiate with the homeowner to buy the property, and the owner may not be very willing to speak to anyone. The owner may be embarrassed or may be already harassed by bill collectors. A gentle, understanding approach is much appreciated in this situation.
  2. Finding pre foreclosure for sale can be very difficult. This type of real estate is simply not advertised and not even all listing services offer this type of home in their databases. In many cases, the lender files documents at the court house in order to start legal proceedings against the owner. Looking through court documents is one way of finding real estate leads, but it is very time-consuming. Looking at court documents also allows you to only find one property at a time - there is simply no way of finding all homes facing repossession at once.
Pre Foreclosure for Sale

You can overcome this second problem when buying pre foreclosed homes quite simply - join We list pre foreclosed houses, as well as fannie mae foreclosure properties, bank foreclosure houses for sale,fixer uppers, HUD homes, VA houses, and other types of distressed real estate across the nation. Our expert staff is completely devoted to our customers and spend hours each day finding the best leads in the discount real estate market. Our sharp-eyed staff easily find the best leads and pass them on to you - so that you can browse the best real estate from the comfort of your own home. We make buying a property at a lower cost easy and we do all the finding for you, so that you do not have to spend hours digging up obscure leads. Plus, our professional staff knows just where to find the true real estate bargains, so we can offer you more leads. You can spend more time honing in on the houses that interest you.

That's not all. Our free resources show you exactly how the professionals buy a pre foreclosure. Try us and you'll find the practical ways to buy pre foreclosed homes for less money and with less hassle. Avoid the common pitfalls and buy pre foreclosure homes with complete confidence, armed with the market knowledge you need to make great deals. In the past, investors and buyers had to rely on trial and error to find the best properties, but we take all the guesswork out of the process for you.

We are much more than a pre foreclosure list. We are a full service listing and resource for all types of repo properties. If you are considering buying any sort of property anywhere in the country, you owe it to yourself to check us out.

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