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It is a sad fact that more and more people are losing their homes every year because of foreclosures and sheriff sales. Most of the times the circumstances are beyond their control, especially when a crucial change occurs in their earnings that rendered them unable to pay off their remaining obligations that they have guaranteed with their home. With the current financial crisis, it is not a wonder that there are a lot more sheriff sales occurring this year than in the past.

Sheriff Auctions Are Good Opportunities for Investment

However, what may be bad news for the owners can be good news for some. This is because in sheriff auctions, one can get the chance to buy the home for less than the actual value of the house. In most cases, the value in which the house is sold is at least two-thirds of the house's appraised value. It cannot get lower than that, as the creditor that is owed back payments will always have a value in mind for which to sell off the house. That is just normal, as they are trying to earn back most, if not all, of the income they have lost due to the owner's non-payment of his mortgage or any other loan that the house is used as collateral.

However, it is always a good deal to be able to buy a house for less than its actual value, because real estate can be very expensive to buy brand-new these days. With sheriff auctions, however, you can now buy a house for yourself or to be used as a business for a much lower price than what it is actually worth.

In any case, sheriff sales represent a good chance to acquire a home and may even be a good investment vehicle with which to let your money work for you instead of the other way around. Just do careful research, and investing in sheriff sales could work very well for you. If you need any information on sheriff auctions about to commence in your area, check our foreclosure listings at

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