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Cocke County Foreclosure Auctions

You're about to find fantastic deals on cheap properties at Cocke county foreclosure auctions. Why pay full price when we can show you how to buy exactly what you want for up to 50% less than current market prices. Our listing of Cocke county home foreclosure auctions make it easy for you to find all types of homes for sale, including REO, HUD homes, and more. This is an investment you won't want to miss. Click below to start your search today and find your perfect property at home auctions in Cocke county!

Featured Cocke County Foreclosure Home Auctions

Listings: 10 Properties
# Photo Zip Code City Type Street Bed/Bath Price Details
1 Foreclosed Home in Cosby 37722 765 ENGLISH MOUNTAIN RD - Property ID: 42510424 37722 Cosby Foreclosure English Mountain Rd 4/3 $259,000 Details
2 No photo available 37821 Newport Foreclosure Buckingham Dr 3/1 - Details
3 No photo available 37843 Parrottsville Foreclosure Allen Chapel Rd 4/1.5 - Details
4 Foreclosed Home in Newport 37821 1208 FINE ST - Property ID: 35240218 37821 Newport Foreclosure Fine St 3/2 $69,900 Details
5 Foreclosed Home in Bybee 37713 1070 PHILLIPS HOLLOW RD - Property ID: 42054296 37713 Bybee Foreclosure Phillips Hollow Rd 3/2 - Details
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6 Foreclosed Home in Newport 37821 1041 MISSIONARY RIDGE RD - Property ID: 41591758 37821 Newport Foreclosure Missionary Ridge Rd 4/3 $134,900 Details
7 Foreclosed Home in Newport 37821 1010 FOWLERS RIDGE RD - Property ID: 41388352 37821 Newport Foreclosure Fowlers Ridge Rd 2/1 - Details
8 Foreclosed Home in Cosby 37722 5010 BOGARD RD - Property ID: 41172766 37722 Cosby Foreclosure Bogard Rd 2/1 $19,900 Details
9 Foreclosed Home in Newport 37821 2010 HOLT TOWN RD - Property ID: 40735487 37821 Newport Foreclosure Holt Town Rd 2/2 $85,000 Details
10 No photo available 37843 Parrottsville Sheriff Sale Old Parrottsville Hwy -/4.5 - Details

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